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“I was the best Dejan Srzic’s pupil. Here is why. Even when I was formed as a player I listened everything what he used to tell me because I knew that every single correction can bring me one point more. I learned a lot from Dejan during 3 years in Aris and I’m very grateful.  We stayed in touch with the same mission –connecting young people and basketball, what Dejan does excellent, best in Europe.“

Nick Galis

Former Greek International player


(The best Greek player of all time, Member of Basketball Hall of Fame and one of the best European players of all time)

“I was a member of “Stefanel” when I first shook Srzic’s hand at junior’s preparations in Poland. He is a very successful coach, especially when

working with  younger categories. Numerous medals are also his credits.

Full of great energy and knowledge, Dejan is always there to mark the talents.“

Dejan Bodiroga

Former Serbian International Player

(2x Euroleague champion, 2x MVP of Euroleague, MVP of World Championship in 1998. 2× World Champion, 3× Euro Champion, played for Real Madrid, Barcelona, Panathinaikos)

“When I was 30 years old I still had to learn a lot from Dejan, an excellent teacher. You can always learn something from him in basketball, I always 

listen to Dejan’s suggestions. He is real fanatic, very honest and it’s great minus that none of selections is in his hands for longer time. Although I already had 30 years, Susla insisted that we work on fundamentals, especially on shot fake, penetration and passing. After that, I played the best 7 years of my career and significantly improved my technique. ''Coach Dejan Srzic -Susla is in my opinion, the best coach for individual development of young players in this areas.'' 

Slobodan Subotic

Euroleague Coach

(Coached Aris, Aek, Split, Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, Paok,

Slovenia National Team,

“He’s the most qualified coach. We worked together 3 years and he had great partnership in Greece. That was the time of Aris domination. He loved basketball so much that he could stay at the gym all day long. I have never seen such love. I believe we will meet again because the destiny is unknown and unpredictable. His power lies in his universality – Dejan can work equally with all categories of basketball players-from seniors to juniors.“

Giannis Ioannidis

Euroleague coach


(The best Greek basketball coach of all time.

Holds the recorder with 18  Greek Championship titles. Coached Aris, Olympiacos, AEK, Greek National Team)

Dusko Vujosevic

Euroleague Coach


(24× League Champion and Cup Winner, EuroLeague Coach of the Year,

Coached: Partizan, Scavolini, CSKA Moscow, Limoges, Serbia & Montenegro National Team, now  coaching Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team)

”We worked few times together-in „Red Star” and „Edmontonu”. 

It seems that basketball is in his blood. We can’t deny his knowledge.

With great tactics especially at individual field, factor called luck stopped him to accomplish what he really deserved. But, it’s never late…”



“Coach Susla is a representative of the Yugoslavian basketball school, Individual development of young players is his speciality, that is where coach Susla is a master. His working methodology is specific in the sense that he evaluates the player and selects specific area of technic he needs to improve, before he starts developing him. Susla has coached my sons Mitja and Alexei Nikolić, three months working with them on shooting technique is something that two of them have never forgotten, methodology, correction and repetition are his secrets. Coach Susla definitely helped them reach the next level and  for that we are grateful. I would recommend Hoop Talents Basketball Academy and coach Susla to every young player, as his method of work and his experience will for sure help them become better players.“ - father David Nikolic

Aleksej Nikolic

Brose Bamberg - Germany

Slovenia National Team

Mitja Nikolic

Fortitudo Bologna - Italy

Slovenia National Team


Coach Susla coached brothers Lazar and Savo Drezgic from their start.

They played as game organizers in the KK Partizan selections, where they lead the way with excellent technique in their generations thanks to him.

Susla develops young players with the principles of modern, faster and more efficient basketball. He teaches young people the principles that apply today in the strongest senior leagues and clearly shows

them the way to further improvement until becoming senior players.

He does this best in the region and beyond.“ - father  Igor Drezgic

Savo Drezgic

KK Partizan - Serbia

Serbia National Team

kenan 2.jpg

“Coach Susla is one of the few coaches who is ready to accept challenges and does not give up on a child regardless of their quality, talents and age. When my son Kenan was in a dilemma to continue playing basketball, coach Susla took him and started coaching him. When he came to coach Susla, Kenan was an average kid with a basketball talent. When he finished with  coach Susla, Kenan had a clear position and goal in life. To be a professional basketball player. From the average basketball player with an episodic role, he became one of the best shooters of the American High School basketball and won countless titles in both Bosnia and America. I recommend coach Susla to both players and parents because he is a superb coach and a pedagogue.“ - father  Haris Coloman  

Kenan Coloman

Grace Baptist Academy - USA

Bosnia National Team

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