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Dejan Srzic, Dejan Bodiroga
Dragan Tarlac (NBA), Pedja Stojakovic (NBA)



Having more than 35 years of coaching experience, coaching in 6 different  leagues and 8 different countries, working as a head coach and assistant coach in over 13 teams  and 11 selections of Yugoslavia - Serbia National Team.

I have worked a  long side many great coaches. I am a also proud  to have coached many talented players and help personally develop many of them, which over 20 of them had a opportunity to play in NBA or were drafted by

NBA team.


Head coach: ''Dejan Srzic - Susla''

(1x World Champion, 2x European Champion, 1x Balkan Champion,

3x Greek League Champion, 2x Greek Cup Champion)

12 golden medals, 8 silver, 2 bronze
Coached: Partizan, Aris, Panionios, Red Star, National Teams...

Coached over 20 NBA players.

He coached and help personally develop many NBA and TOP European Players.


Players such as:

Vlade Divac (LA Lakers,Sacramento Kings - NBA) 

Drazen Petrovic (Portland Blazers, New Jersey Nets - NBA)

Nick Galis (drafted by Boston Celtics - NBA) 

Dejan Bodiroga (drafted by Sacramento Kings - NBA)

Aleksandar Djordjevic (Portland Blazers - NBA) 

Sasa Danilovic (Miami Heat - NBA) 

Rastko Cvetkovic (Denver Nuggets - NBA)

Toni Kukoc (Chicago Bulls - NBA)

Dino Radja (Boston Celtics - NBA)

Stojko Vrankovic (Minnesota Timberwolves - NBA) 

Arian Komazec (Vancouver Grizzlies - NBA) 

Zan Tabak (Houston Rockets - NBA)

Milos Vujanic (drafted by New York Knicks - NBA)

Zeljko Rebraca (Detroit Pistons - NBA) 

Dragan Tarlac (Chicago Bulls - NBA)

Vladimir Radmanovic (LA Lakers, Charlotte - NBA)

Predrag Drobnjak (LA Clippers, Atlanta Hawks - NBA) 

Zarko Paspalj (San Antonio Spurs - NBA)

Pedja Stojakovic (Sacramento Kings - NBA)

Mario Nakic (Real Madrid-Spain)

And many others...


For more detailed information  about Dejan Srzic and his full CV visit:


We believe that every player has the opportunity for improvement.

Our Head Coach ''Dejan Srzic - Susla'', will make evaluation and identifying players key areas for improvement, after which he will make specialized training program specifically suited for each player.


With concentrated coaching and one on one time with our head coach the every player will receive the maximum personalized attention he needs to advance his game.


Individual program – Step by step:

  • Evaluation of the player


  •  Identifying the key areas for improvement


  • One on one - or small group trainings on the specific areas of the game that player needs to improve ​


  • Game situation - putting players in game situation to drill the areas of the game they have worked on


  • Video analyses - players will watch and study training, game situation and game videos to see examples- both good and bad- of their game(with coaches corrections and advice )


  • Analyses and Advice

       Verbal Analyses and Advice for continued improvement after the camp

- ALL training sessions at the camp  will be coached by our head coach Dejan Srzic ''Susla''

- All trainings  will be held in Indoor Basketball Gym.


- Training Equipment - Players will be able to use various kinds of basketball training equipment.


​- For Individual camp the maximum number of players per camp is 16.

  Spaces are limited!!!


- Hoop Talents Individual Basketball Camps are both for boys and girls.


- Hoop Talents Individual Camps are for players of all ages.


- Our coaches are skilled and experienced with teaching players of all age, they will make training-development program specifically suited for each player. Players will be divided into training groups according to age and skill level.


- Players will have 2 trainings sessions per day (each training session is 1h30m). 
Other activities include: games, game and trainings video analysis...


- Hoop Talents Basketball Camp  are also for players who are interested in playing basketball at High School, Universities in US, as well as in clubs and academies across Europe as we offer most talented players placement and scholarship opportunities worldwide.



From 07/07 to 03/08

Camp 1:  07/07 - 13/07

Camp 2:  14/07 - 20/07 

Camp 3:  21/07 - 27/07

Camp 4:  28/07 - 03/08

You can also plan your own Individual Camp

Plan your own Individual Camp:

  1. Choose the dates

  2. Numbers of days

  3. Use of Fitness - Weight room, Athletic track, Swimming pool

  4. Athletic - Physical Trainer (conditioning coach)






ONLY CAMP cost is - 315 €   

               ONLY CAMP cost (only camp cost do not include accommodation and meals) is – 315 € (per one camp shift)

​Price includes:

  • All Camp Sessions (Individual Training Sessions, Video Analyses...)

  • Camp jersey

  • Unlimited advices from our staff regarding your game and career

  • Verbal analysis and advice for further improvement and development

  • ...


FULL CAMP cost is - 630 €  

FULL CAMP cost (cost with accommodation and meals) is – 630 € (per one camp shift)

Price includes:

  • Accommodation

  • 3 Meals per day

  • All Camp Sessions (Individual Training Sessions, Video Analyses...)

  • Camp jersey

  • Unlimited advices from our staff regarding your game and career

  • Verbal analysis and advice for further improvement and development

  • ...


Hoop Talents Individual Basketball Camp will be held in city of Makarska, Croatia.

Makarska is a picturesque town of impressive beauty which lives off tourism and for tourism; a town of youth, culture, sports and entertainment.

It was built around a natural port protected by the charming peninsula of Saint Peter and cape Osejava.
For travel tips, operating flights, bus lines and more information for the best way to reach the camp visit



All camp activities and sessions will be held at City Sport Center ​​of Makarska.

City sports center Makarska covers over 50,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.  In addition to other sports and recreational and health facilities that are located in the city

of Makarska, Town Sports Center allows athletes and sports associations of Croatian and Europe for decades visiting Makarska recognizing and classifying as one of the most popular and most recognizable destinations for sports training, competition and organization providing active sports tourism. City sports center Makarska has a high level of sport facilities.

  •  All camp trainings will be held in Indoor Basketball Hall



Players will be staying in double and triple bedrooms apartment accommodations. Apartments are located in Makarska city centre, near the camp training facilities, dining area and Makarska beach.


Players will have 3 meals (buffet style) per day in the restaurant near the accommodation.

Breakfast and Dinner is served (buffet style-all you can eat) and for Lunch players will have menu with 5-6 meal options.

There are a wide variety of healthy and delicious food options offered at each meal.